Audio Ltd.

Audio Ltd was founded in 1963 by Geoffrey Blundell to make radio microphone systems for the film and television markets. Over the years Audio Ltd systems have been used on numerous feature films, including the 1968 release of 2001: A Space Odyssey and the Oscar-winning movies Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan and Titanic, as well as the Emmy award-winning HBO series, Game of Thrones.

In 2015, Audio Ltd previewed the 1010 digital system after several years of research and development. The 1010 accomplished the goal of a fully digital system with the lowest end-to-end latency of 2 mS. It also exhibited better RF range and audio quality than the best analogue systems. Based on the engineering work done for the 1010, in 2017 Audio Ltd introduced the A10 Digital Wireless System. In 2018 Sound Devices aquired Audio Ltd.

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